Three Years of Activity Photos (With break during Covid time)
Fantastic Single Seniors
​Formerly Fantastic 50+ Singles Social Club

2020, 20192018
Dance Parties at Time Out Entertainment and Grill
January Social: UFO evidence presentation
The January social featured a well received presentation by Jennifer Stein who engagingly presented evidence and trends related to UFO sightings. 

Right, Ranza C. happily displays her 50-50 winnings.

Rowan Edelman Planetarium and Pizza
After the show, the group shows good cheer while waiting for the food.
Having some fun with a staged shot  :-)
Shooting Pool for Fun at Fat Albert's
Anna, Frank, Sharon, Den and Patti with their "after game" faces
Den, Patti, Don, Sharon, Frank and Anna at the end of the evening
Straight-shooting practice for Sharon, Don and Patti
Frank offers some pointers to Patti.
A toast to new friends and good times!
These folks know to enjoy a night out!
Everybody who showed up at Time Out this Valentine's Day!
February Social: Dramatic Performance of the Life of Harriet Tubman
Dr. Daisy Century starts her performance
Dr. Daisy Century Expressions and body language mesmerized the audience
The audience was transfixed!
Harriet Tubman, Nicknamed "General Tubman", was a member of the Union Army
Q & A followed.
And that was followed by personal questions, congratulations and hugs!
Make your own nachos!
Happy 50-50 winner Mina!
Synchronized "Woooo!"
We appreciated planetarium presenter, Ben!
Left, front to back: Susanne, Cathy, Bill, Nancy, Wendy
Right, front to back: Patti, Wendy, Alison
From left: Barbara, Patti, Den, Harriet, Tom
Three Amigas: Alison, Cathy, Nancy
Dance Party at Time Out Entertainment and Grill