Four Years of Activity Photos (With a break during Covid time)
Fantastic Single Seniors
​Formerly Fantastic 50+ Singles Social Club

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Day Before Labor Day Picnic
From left, Nancy, Frank and Anna, with their event mini-pumpkin gifts
From left: Patti, Den, Nancy, Frank, Anna
Partial view of the back yard pond by Frank Echols
Comfy Back Yard Birdwatching
Purple Finch by Patti Passarelli
White-breasted Nuthatch by Patti Passarelli
Male Downy Woodpecker by Frank Echols
The Picnic Planning Committee
Autumn Leaf Train Excursion
The view from inside the train car
Three club members "ride" the Autumn Leaf Locomotive
Our friendly conductor and ticket puncher
Patti P. awaiting the train's arrival
President Tom explaining the baby picture contest
Patti schools Den on how to throw the bolo
Stacking pennies with one's non dominant hard is harder than you think!
Anniversary Dinner Dance
Live entertainment during dinner
Fuzzy dancing phone photo!
The official anniversary cake
Monday Walk in the Park
One group of walkers
Holiday Cabaret