Activity Photos
Pocket Billiards at Fat Albert's
St. Patty's Day Dance Party at Geet's Diner
Annual Picnic at Redbank Battlefield Park

Dance Party at Time Out Entertainment and Grill
Scavenger Hunt: Hunters, some items they had to find,  and dinner afterwards
December Cabaret / Social
The December Cabaret Social featured entertainer Joey Vincent, an energetic personality who integrated humorous stories, singing, playing the trumpet, jokes and interactions with the entranced audience in one smoothly flowing, delightful performance.

Left: Joey as Elvis mesmerizes the ladies!

Right: Joey performs his Dean Martin imitation. (He had put down the drink and cigarette at this point.)

Middle left: Patti, Den, Ranza and Ursula dance to the twist, with Joey as the DJ.

Lower right: Jeanne celebrates her 50-50 win!

Lower left: Winter-themed cake by Janet Kelleher wowed the crowd!

Photos by Barbara Snow
Fantastic Single Seniors
​Formerly Fantastic 50+ Singles Social Club