Photo Class: Best of Homework
After each of five lessons, students in the photo class were given homework assignments to take many pictures using what they learned from the lesson. Then they had to select their best three and bring them to the next class.

From that group of photos, the instructor selected those photos he thought best demonstrated the rule that was taught. Those photos are below.

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By Barbara Snow, Macro modeBy Beth Plenn, Full zoomBy Beth Plenn, Macro mode (?)By Carol Wasniewski, Full zoomBy Carol Wasniewski, No zoomBy Carol Wasniewski, Macro modeBy Elaine Somerson, No zoomBy Karen Lubert, No zoomBy Karen Lubert, Full zoomBy Karen Lubert, Macro modeBy Liz Lundrigan, Full zoomBy Peggy Marks, Full zoomBy Peggy Marks, Macro modeBy Rose Milza, Full Zoom
Lesson 1: Get in close using three techniques: full zoom, no zoom and macro mode
To be a selected photo, the subject in the photo must have occupied, nearly or completely, the full height or width of the rectangular shape of the picture. Secondarily, the picture must have exhibited sharp or nearly sharp focus.