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Our meetings are more socials than meetings. The business meeting is typically short - maybe 15 minutes. A large member-contributed buffet fosters the camaraderie as do the organized activities and special contests.

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An hour and a half before each social starts, volunteers, like Phil D'Amico, add their muscles to set up the room.Always-energized, Sue begins the decorative process of the table centerpieces endorsed by her committee.Terry adds her exuberant smile as she assembles and positions the toasting glasses.Sue, Den and Tom, put the  glasses to good use as they offer a toast to the members. (In case you were wondering, that's sparkling cider!)Winners of that nights festivities - Georgian, Charlie, Tony, Brigid and Tom - show off their monstrous trophies. Charlie jokingly makes sure to hold his with two hands.
Unstoppable force, Sue Kelleher, dons the microphone yet again to direct another involving, social, member-experience planned by her activities committee.Carol savors her winnings.Barbara gives and/or takes some chips based upon the most recent roll of the dice.illustrating tasteful delight, another Barbara hoists her grand prize for ending the night with the most chips. The dancing leprechaun was created by our own crafty arts guy, Tony Williams.