Lots going on at the picnic, as usual. These picture were taken by recent graduates from the Fan 50 photo class - Kathy White and Sue Kelleher. They did a nice job!

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No doubt Al must have some mummer's experience. (I think.) Photo by Sue.Phyllis shows great concentration as she contemplates the future trajectory of the...er...um...plastic mini-doughnut? Photo by Kathy.Den remembers this used to be way easier! Photo by Kathy.Karen show expertise and technique! Photo by Sue.With all that IRS backgroud, Betty is expert at calculating Rummikub points. Photo by Kathy.There's no more avid card player than "Balloons" Bob. Photo by Kathy.A now familiar musical sight and sound at Fan 50 events, Joe gets into his guitar's good vibrations. Photo by Kathy.It's amazing how citrus fruit can be such a source of laughter! At least for Georgian and Loretta. Photo by Kathy.Not sure what Jim just threw, but he obviously demonstrates good form! Photo by Sue.Joanne and Toni provide more proof that orange citris is good for giggles. Photo by Sue.OK...um...not sure what bartender Don is pouring, but Toni seems to be looking forward to the next step! Photo by Kathy.Here are the people who made it all happen - Our Picinic Planners. Not sure I can name everyone successfully here, so I'm just going to name the committee chair, Sue (Redhead in the center) and our esteemed facilitator, Tom at the lower left. Photo by Den DiMarco.