Bird Watching Outing in Medford
Host and bird-watching expert Chris (L) gazes at a fine feathered friend that she just pointed out to us rookies. Novice Margo check out the position before raising her Russia-made military binoculars for a closer view.
This eagle and the owl and hawks pictured below left and center were all rescued by the Woodward Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge in Medford. You have to admit these are all cool-looking birds!
Trudging through snow and ice to a "secret, hidden" location was all part of the fun. Here we have (I think) from closest to farthest away, Margo, Chris, Carol and Donna.

Karen was far in the lead and not visible in this picture.
In our first bird watching outing, Donna peers at one of many New Jersey feathered flyers and perchers as a group of six of us trudged through snow and ice to get our views.

OK, it wasn't really that bad. After all, the temperature was above freezing!

We can pretend that Karen, Margo and Carol are looking at the owl or hawks pictured above them, but of course they're really looking at some species in the wild.

By watching these three, you can get a sense of the mental intensity that bird watching provokes.

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