Summer Splash
At the Summer Splash Party hosted by Jack Donovan, Surveyor Extraordinaire, both the food and the landscaping were lavish. At left, Roseann D. samples some of the member-contributed cuisine. On the right, Charlie and Georgian enjoy a view of the cozy fishpond.
Plenty of chicken, burgers and sausage for hungry party-goers are grilled to perfection by Charlie who seems to enjoy his chef’s role with relish. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.).
Dancing by the waterfall was one of the many delights we all got to share at Jack’s place. Here Tony and Sue (foreground), Jim Thome fan and Jeannie dance to the music provided by an unseen DJ and Entertainer hired by Host Jack D.

Host Jack D. was able to spend a little time dancing also. Here he shared the “dance patio” with member Janet, both happy to be able to enjoy good times at another Fan 50 event.