Cape Cod Adventure - Page 5
As Pat (Left) listens in, Mickey makes some profound (no doubt!) point with the dune buggy driver.
Beautiful dune landscapes and their avid photographers make wonderful photo ops. Photo by Roe Stites
History Lesson: In Cape Cod, most houses have cedar shingle siding (as this house does on the right side). After a period of time, the cedar shingles become grayish-black and don’t look so pretty. Back in the “olden days”, the richer home owners would paint the front of the house to make at least the front look good. That was called “Putting up a good front”.  That tradition continues today and this house is one example.
Chillin', some with ice cream, on the way back to Hyannis from Provincetown are left to right, Don, Betty, Pat (the Line Dance Queen), Mickey and Den. Photo by Roe Stites (maybe)

You can't go to Cape Cod without taking a picture of a lighthouse! It just would't be right! So here y'are.