Cape Cod Adventure - Page 4
Pete G. shows his sensitive side at the Kennedy memorial.
OK, so this is a typical, corny, tourist shot of Betty and the Lobster in Provincetown. Guilty as charged!
Betty graciously allows the photography to bother her during the dune tour where we learned that sand dunes sport all kinds of life. Heck, note all the green vegetation behind Betty. We knew we had a good dune "buggy" driver when we heard his introductory question: "So how are you all DUNE?!"
Whereas Dolores gets in touch with her childhood joy!
Mickey conducts a scientific observation of the flora existing in the sandy expanse.
Speaking of corny, touristy, Provincetown shots, here's another one proving that no human can lift a gargantuan anchor fastened to the ground. Den shows an only mildly convincing grimace during this “macho” exhibition.