Cape Cod Adventure - Page 2
To help keep the large group together, the tour guide brought a lobster on a stick for easy viewing. Here Den was given the huge responsibility of holding the lobster high so that people got on the right ferry at the right time. Group members wasted no time in broiling Den in lobster jokes! Photo by Roe Stites
Safely aboard, Kate and Mayo enjoy the leisurely ferry ride to Martha's Vineyard. Photo by Roe Stites.
Dolores and Den try out their map reading skills to determine exactly where they were headed on Martha's vineyard island shown behind them. Photo by Roe Stites.
Of all the cute cottages in this 34-acre, 312-cottage enclave known officially as the Martha's Vineyard Camp Meeting Association Camp Ground, probably none is better known than the very pink "Wooden Valentine." Our tour guide said it’s the most photographed home on the Vineyard. Hmm. Wonder why?!
This view of the some of the other cottages demonstrates their beauty and serenity.
Right next to the cottage area was an outdoor cathedral on whose walls were displayed artwork from the All Island Art Show at the Camp Ground in Oak Bluffs. Mayo points out a piece that she thought male viewers would certainly enjoy.